Private Label Brands

Our Design Studio at France, the USA, and the UAE brings vast experience and an extensive background in designing and developing fragrance and beauty products. We specialize in helping you create a perfect Private Label Brand.

You can engage us to conceptualize and develop the unique and distinguished fragrance, design distinctive bottle and packaging styles, manufacture the perfume at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at USA and UAE, carry out the filling and bottling your perfumes, and ship your Private Label Brand worldwide.

Our Methodology

  • In-House Designing: Conceptualize distinctive styles of bottles and packaging
  • Create Fragrances: Design the scent formulas based on desired perfume notes from the most reputed Fragrance Houses in France & USA
  • State of Art Manufacturing Facility with automated machineries based in New Jersey, USA
  • Global Vendor Sourcing to procure the finest raw materials
  • Warehousing & Distribution from the most logistically convenience of the East Coast in USA 

Fragrance Development

We provide the creative teams and in-house perfumers to develop your unique fragrance


We offer professional packaging design support through our expert packaging teams customize bottles and boxes reflecting your brand.


We produce only the highest quality of perfumes in USA and UAE that are formulated by some of the best perfumers in the business based in France.

Project Management

We offer all the resource and expert support from start to finish to set up your private fragrance label and help it reach the right stores and channels for customers.

We never compromise on Quality and Compliance

Our global teams offer excellent personalized service and recognized quality to create truly sought-after perfume brands.

We pay close attention to and spend time on evaluating the raw materials used in the conception and manufacturing of our products, while adhering to standards and current regulations applicable in the Perfumery and Cosmetics field.

Regulation is strictly applied and controlled in order to meet legal requirements set by industry standards and also to conform to specific policies of our client brands throughout the world.


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